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11th January 2017 by Heads Up

MR Vegas is aiming to stir up interest with his newest single

MR Vegas is aiming to stir up interest with his newest single All That & More.

The track according to the singjay is the latest from his soon to be released gospel album ‘Soul Therapy’, which is earmarked for a February 2017 release date.
“I believe my new single will be well received. It has a very strong message that many people can relate to,” he said.

‘All that & more’ will be officially released on Friday and is produced on the MV Music label. It’s rhythm was created by Dutch musician Rowen Reecks. An accompanying video is slated for the end of this month.

In September Mr Vegas was promoting the Cleveland “Clevie” Browne-produced single titled ‘Jesus Train’. According to him, the track speaks to people who only call on God in times of trouble.

“It is about calling upon the name of Jesus only in times of trouble. I am proud to call him Lord. There are some persons who are ashamed to even mention the name Jesus in public, but just check them in time of trouble and that’s the time they will scream his name the loudest,” he said.

Mr Vegas’s other albums include Sweet Jamaica (2012), Reggae Euphoria (2014), and Love Rock and Soul (2015).

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